Gefso Papadaki

Born in Istanbul.

She has shown her work in 19 individual exhibitions in Athens, Brussels, Paris, Istanbul, Luxembourg, Patras, Aegina, Crete, Mykonos.

She has participated in more than 100 exhibitions in Greece, Belgium, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, France, as well as in the 23rd Art Fair, “Artist 2013” in Istanbul, In 2008 she was among the artists that represented Greece in the Beijing Biennale 2008. The latest participations in group exhibitions is in the National History Museum of Athens, with the theme “The case of Capodistria” as well as the one in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, for its 150 years anniversary.

She has a participated in Art Athina 2017 with Melkart Gallery, Paris and in Art Athina 2019 with Gallery Genesis. Her works are found in the collection of the Beijing National Gallery, in the collection of the Olympic Fine Arts 2008, in Beijing. Moreover in Moschandreou’s collection, D. Papageorgopoulos portrait collection, and other public and private collections in Greece, Belgium, France, Austria, U.S.A and Luxemburg.